State of Districts

Under these fairly trying circumstances, we find that Districts have been able to do a commendable job. The successes may be at various levels. It depends on who the champions were and what practices they were able to develop or adopt to counter the pandemic and maintained business continuity. The battle though is far from being over. SKOCH Group is in the process of documenting such successes and lessons that may be useful for each of us to take note of and learn from. Our annual ‘State of Districts’ study is underway and this year the documentation and lessons may just be crucial for the entire humanity.

Our Approach is as Follows:

• Call for Nominations: Various institutions, central and state governments are being requested to document and nominate what they feel are best practices being implemented by them.
• Participatory Discussion and Evaluation: These are then being discussed between peer groups and expert groups to be evaluated. An integral part of this would be to get states of different capacities, economies and challenges together to be able to exchange notes.
• Knowledge Sharing: The best evaluated interventions would be available as an online exhibition and case studies. There would be a series of Round table discussions and conferences around this.
• Promoting Best Practices: The best practices would be showcased in social as well as mainline media. These could include features in mainline newspapers.

Expertise is being drawn from the stakeholders, practitioners, professionals, domain and public policy experts and social scientists to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to this study.

We urge you to participate in the study and share your best practices and achievements with us for assessment, documentation and national rankings. Submit your project / achievements at The last date for submissions can be found

The study is expected to be released in December 2020.

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