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India Economic Forum & LITFest

79th SKOCH Summit

79th SKOCH Summit
4th Feb – 26th March 2022

The Indian Economy is seeking to reinvent itself and become stronger as it charts its course on the path of recovery after COVID induced slowdowns. This new economic reality has brought to the fore several new issues that need to be addressed and several greenfield areas that need to be developed to realise the vision of a strong and resilient Indian Economy. SKOCH Group is organising the India Economic Forum, from 4th Feb to 26th March 2022. This forum touches upon several of these burning issues by engaging in rigorous and consultative discussions between leading stakeholders from all quarters that include Economists, Governments, Industry and several others.

There are five key tracks that have been identified, these issues are connected with the pulse of the economy and warrant high-quality exhaustive discussion. These tracks include Games Indians Play, Trillion Digital Dollars, Banking, Markets & Insurance. All of these issues are related to topics that are central to the emerging Indian Economy. These tracks have been further divided into separate panels, with each panel focussing upon dedicated issues in specific areas. India Economic Forum is aiming to bring together scholarly and informed arguments through all these discussions and to use the vast intellectual wisdom available within India to put the Indian economy in perspective.

Economy & Budget 

Economy & Trade

Economy & Regulation

Ideas For Economic Revival

Women and Economy

Indian Economy By 2047

Policy for Financial Stability

MSME & Markets

Economy & Markets

Climate Change

Growth & Finance


SKOCH Summits have invariably created knowledge sharing platforms of top-notch thinkers, policy makers & industry leaders. SKOCH Summits are well researched. Given the primary strength of the company in areas of consultancy, research, assessments & public affairs, we are able to bring together the highest number of emergent & existing opportunities together - to share, to ideate & to move forward.


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