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83rd SKOCH Summit

83rd SKOCH Summit
28th October 2022 | 1400-1730

India Governance Forum

India Governance Forum in its twentieth year, is the oldest Governance Leadership Summit. Its recommendations have had a profound policy impact across the center and state governments. It is one of the few conferences where the focus is on field research-based knowledge-rich arguments that bring felt needs to the discussion table.

We firmly believe Governance is what is received and not what was the intended delivery. Our ongoing field research and conversations across thousands of projects in a year give us a deep insight into what is working and how it can work even better.

We bring together an ecosystem of academia, industry, economists, policy experts, practitioners, and civil society. Carefully constructed panels, well-researched background notes and clearly articulated problem statements to find relevant answers and an agenda moving forward created.

Honestly, there is nothing else that comes even close.

1 4 3 5 – 1 5 0 0

Mr Rohan Kochhar

SKOCH Development Foundation
Mr Aniruddhe Mukerjee
Principal Secretary, Public Assets
Management Department
Government of Madhya Pradesh
Mr Rashmi Ranjan Nayak
Additional Secretary
Water Resource Department
Government of Odisha


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Mr Rohan Kochhar
SKOCH Development Foundation
Mr Debanjan Roy
Senior Deputy Secretary
Department of Women & Child
Development and Social Welfare
Government of West Bengal
Dr Raju Jotkar
Senior Consultant (Technical)
Department of Women and
Child Development
Government of Maharashtra
Ms Ayushi Sudan
Chief Executive Officer
State Health Agency
Jammu and Kashmir
Dr Gopal Beri
Directorate of Health & Family
Welfare, Himachal Pradesh
Ms. Shilpa Prabhakar
Managing Director
National Health Mission & Special
officer, Mudhalvarin Mugavari
Government of Tamil Nadu


1 6 2 0 – 1 7 0 0

Mr Rohan Kochhar
SKOCH Development Foundation
Mr Karma Namgyal Bhutia
Secretary Skill Development
Government of Sikkim
Ms Nilambari Vasantrao
Deputy Commissioner of Labour
Department, Maharashtra
Mr Hari Kumar Sharma
Commissioner cum Secretary
Commerce & Industries
Government of Sikkim
Mr K Veera Raghava Rao
Director Of Employment And
Training, Department of
Employment and
Training Tamil Nadu


SKOCH Summits have invariably created knowledge sharing platforms of top-notch thinkers, policy makers & industry leaders. SKOCH Summits are well researched. Given the primary strength of the company in areas of consultancy, research, assessments & public affairs, we are able to bring together the highest number of emergent & existing opportunities together - to share, to ideate & to move forward.


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