Financial Deepening

23rd SKOCH Summit

23rd SKOCH Summit | Thursday & Friday | 17th & 18th June 2010 | Hyatt Regency, Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai, India


The call for India decade is a call for action from all stakeholders in India’s growth. Concerted action in this decade alone can help achieve an economic superpower India in the decade to follow. The 23rd Skoch Summit looks at the issues of reaching and sustaining near double-digit growth rates through the prism of financial inclusion, managing inflation, technology infusion, infrastructure development, improved governance and an enabling policy framework.


  • 12th National Consultation on Financial Inclusion
  • Financial Access for all: Countdown to March 2012
  • Expanding Inclusion: The Micro-credit, Micro-Insurance and Micro Pension Troika
  • Commodity Trade and Inclusive Growth


  • Is Cloud Ready for India?
  • The Virtualization Paradigm
  • IT Enabling Regional Rural Banks
  • Pre-Paids and Mobility
  • Risk Management
  • Technology for Financial Inclusion


  • Goods and Services Tax: Implementation Challenges and Responses
  • Infrastructure Development for Growth with Jobs
  • Urbanization and Improved Civic Services
  • Security and Disaster Management


  • Financial Stability & Development Council
  • Banking Licenses
  • Monetary Policy & Inflation
  • New PPP Agenda: Low on Process, High on Outcome




SKOCH Summits have invariably created knowledge sharing platforms of top-notch thinkers, policy makers & industry leaders. SKOCH Summits are well researched. Given the primary strength of the company in areas of consultancy, research, assessments & public affairs, we are able to bring together the highest number of emergent & existing opportunities together - to share, to ideate & to move forward.


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