Potential Unleashed

49th SKOCH Summit

Socio-Economic Reforms
MUDRA Yojana and Job Generation
GST and GDP Growth Potential
Demonetisation and Sound Economy
Rural Revival and Infrastructure
Digitalisation and Efficient Services
Unlocking PSU Value

Smart Technologies Convention

  • Data Analytics and Decision Making
  • Artificial Intelligence and You

Smart Security Convention

  • Transitioning Security to the Future
  • Fighting Ransomware and Malware

Smart Technologies Convention

  • India and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain and Advantages for India

Inclusive Insurance Convention

  • Increasing Penetration
  • Including Cyber Insurance

Smart Governance Convention

  • Smart Governance and Growth
  • Competitiveness and State Policy

Indian FinTech Convention

  • Towards 100 Billion Transactions
  • Payment Systems and Vendor Management

Socio-Economic Convention

  • Rural Revival and Infrastructure
  • Restarting Credit Flow

Indian Cities Convention

  • State of Indian Cities
  • Smart and Sustainable Cities


SKOCH Summits have invariably created knowledge sharing platforms of top-notch thinkers, policy makers & industry leaders. SKOCH Summits are well researched. Given the primary strength of the company in areas of consultancy, research, assessments & public affairs, we are able to bring together the highest number of emergent & existing opportunities together - to share, to ideate & to move forward.


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